Chairman’s Welcome


Peace be upon you

Say, ‘This is my way ; I invite you to Allah on the basis of a clear path [brightway], I and those who follow me. And Glory be to Allah ; and I am not of those who associate others with Him.’ (Yusuf : 108)

We set out on this adventure out of our deep sense of conviction to Glorify Allah. The task of inviting others on this path is done through a systematic tarbiyah process, done within the backdrop of a world class Singapore education system. We commit to offering you the best that education has to offer, as we believe in education that would bring us closer to the Almighty.  Join us in the effort to perpetuate a virtuous cycle of being Mercy to all of Mankind.

Hj Muhammad Noor Bin Haron

Our students will be exposed to community service from young. They will be nurtured to put others before self and be instilled with a service DNA. They will realize their role as Vicegerent of the World and achieve their potential as a blessings to Humanity.


Khalifah Fil Ard. That’s the mission that Brightway has set itself to develop. It’s a mission that it take seriously. It’s a mission that compels Brightway to partner the renown Irsyad from Singapore to achieve this educational excellence. Insya Allah, the synergy between these institutions will provide for an educational experience that is second to none. Most importantly, it’s done with a intent of seeking Allah’s pleasure in an endeavor to uplift the ummah through the development of a model Islamic International school.

  • A progressive model of Islam
  • Social inclusivity between Muslims and others
  • Bridge the gap between the have and have-nots
  • Global experience with international outlook
  • Core programs of serving Humanity
  • Melting pot of diverse culture and experiences


We believe that we’re here on a God-given mission. What we do in Brightway is an Ibadah. We strive to undertake this mission with Amanah and Taqwa.

Our existence is to serve others in Allah’s cause. Each person we encounter in Brightway is important. We treat everyone with empathy and respect.

We believe that this noble mission deserves only the best. We strive at giving our best, everytime. We are committed towards delivering our work with passion and professionalism.