Irsyad Curriculum Regionalized

29th March 2014 is indeed a breakthrough year with the formation of the Fitrah network that is set to enhance the teaching and learning of the Arabic language in the region.

Network of schools from the region, namely Assalam School Network (Thailand), Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin (Malaysia), Jaringan Sekolah Islam Terpadu (Indonesia), Ikatan Pelajar Putri NU (Indonesia), Mathlaul Anwar (Indonesia) and Kementerian Agama Provinsi Aceh (Indonesia) agreed to the adoption of Al-Irsyad’s Fitrah Arabic Curriculum for their respective network of schools.

Director from Felda, Malaysia, Ustaz Hasanddin Mohd Yunus said, “At one point, our students do not have interest in learning the Arabic language as they were taught in a manner that is ‘forced’. However, after introducing the Fitrah Arabic Curriculum from Al-Irsyad Singapore, we find that students are very eager and excited to learn the Arabic language. They are now very engaged in the lessons. This is primarily because the curriculum adopts an active learning approach using nasyid and games to involve the students.”

Not only are students bought into this new curriculum, Arabic teachers are also giving the curriculum a thumbs-up. Ustaz Mohd Nizan Bin Hasan praises the new curriculum as, “The curriculum package includes so many teaching aids that facilitate the teaching of Arabic language. All presentation slides and videos are available for teachers to put up an excellent lesson in class.”

Beyond just being a curriculum that is most suited for learners of Arabic language in a non-native Arabic environment, Ustaz Mohd Ali Mohd Hanifah praised the curriculum for its comprehensiveness. He said, “The Fitrah Curriculum presents very clear learning outcomes for the different language skills required in a learner.”